Sacred Cacao Gong Ceremony

17th February - 11.30am-1.30pm - Unit 5, 100 De Beauvoir Road, London N1 4EN


This is a Ceremony to bring us out of the realm of the mind and drop down into the heart. 
The ancients of the south and central Americas would drink cacao to commune with their gods and similarly we can drink Cacao to commune with our’selves'. This ceremony will give us the space and stillness to listen to our heart wisdom and bring awareness to any areas that need our attention to set new intentions going forward.
Cacao helps disperse any blockages around the heart and coupled with the healing vibrations from the Gong we experience release that enables energy to flow freely in the body. Sound and Cacao work together to deepen your connection to our intuition and to the subconscious realms where deep seated healing can take place. 

What will happen in the ceremony?

We begin by silently setting our intentions for the session and then mindfully drink the Cacao experiencing it’s warmth and presence in the body. You will then lie down and bathe in relaxing, therapeutic vibrations from the gong as the cacao does her healing work and you take an inner voyage with the gong as your guide.
Comforting tea and healthy biscuits will be provided after the ceremony as we enjoy some social time where you can write down any insights or wisdom that you've gained, whilst basking in the cacao glow : ))

I have been working with the beautiful Cacao medicine for over 4 years now as a tool for transformation in my life and I can’t wait to share this wonderful teacher with you. 

For your comfort please bring a blanket, cushion and water to hydrate after the session. Feel free to bring a journal to jot down any insights or anything that may come up for you.

PLEASE ARRIVE FOR A PROMPT START AT 2PM. Once the doors are closed I unfortunately cannot stop the session to let you in.


  • Cacao contains theobromine which stimulates the system much in the same way as caffeine can. If you have a sensitivity to caffeine then please consult with me and we will discuss if you can still participate and have a very low dosage.
  • Cacao can react with anti depressants causing headaches so please let me know if you are on any medication before booking.

    At least 48 hrs notice is needed in order to receive a refund for this event