I no longer offer private sound baths in my home but can travel to you if you are near the Hackney area. 


Healing Sound Bath 

This is a deeply relaxing treatment that will take you off on a reflective journey where your mind and body can switch off from any worries, stress or strain. The sound frequencies from the instruments played induce the alpha and theta brainwaves associated with deep relaxation and meditative states which provide a gateway to the subconscious. When we are in these states, deep healing can take place. 

We will begin with a short consultation to establish any areas that need work and I will then play various instruments around you to take you on a healing sound journey. The instruments can include gong, crystal singing bowls, tibetan singing bowls, drum and chimes. Tuning Forks tuned to the perfect 5th will be used to balance the entire nervous system.

This is a treatment that works on all levels to leave you relaxed, restored and refreshed.

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Small Group Sound Bath

Small Group Sound Bath

Take advantage of the option to share the Healing Sound Bath experience with a friend or two. 

This intimate Sound Bath enables more one on one attention than the larger group Sound Bath experience and allows the time and space to work on any specific areas that need a little TLC, creating a more personalised healing experience. 

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