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Full Moon Gong Bath in Highbury & Islington

  • The Skylight Centre 49 Corsica Street London N5 1JT United Kingdom (map)

Join us for a harmonising planetary gong bath on the March full moon in Libra. This lunation will be intensified by a lunar eclipse and this is a time to tune out from the outside world and turn in to connect with our inner guidance and wisdom. 

A gong bath is a powerful sonic meditation which enables deep relaxation to bring about peace and wellbeing for improved health. The vibrations from the gong assist the release of emotional and energy blockages in the body and stimulate deep healing on a cellular level.

The gong slows the brainwaves, inducing a dreamlike state and opens us up to take an inner journey where our sense of time dissipates and we are left to simply 'be' and vibrate with the gong. 

We will be supported by the magical frequencies of Earth and Pluto gongs.  Pluto teaches us to let go, to purge the darkness and to open our hearts and bring in the light, it helps bring us back into balance emotionally and energetically. Earth grounds us, aligns us with our planet and inspires our creativity. 

Together these gongs work to bring you back into harmony and balance and release any stuck, blocked or negative energy that may be held within.

I will be joined by my gong sister Shashay and the powerful Pluto gong.

Please arrive early for a prompt start at 7.30PM

Please bring a yoga mat, blanket and water to hydrate after the session.

We look froward to sharing these healing frequencies with you X