Sound bath healing in London

Louise has worked with sound for over 20 years. A singer and musician for most of her life she has trained in various healing modalities including Reiki Drum, Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi and Sound & Gong Healing.

Her travels have taken her to the spiritual centers of the world and she been extensively moved and influenced by the many cultural uses of sound for healing she has heard along the way from Tibetan chanting and singing bowls of Northern India and Nepal to the Shamanic Icaros of the Peruvian Amazon.

Louise works with Planetary Gong, Crystal Singing bowls, Tibetan Singing bowls, Koshi chimes and various percussive instruments.


Pamela Montgomery’s Plant Spirit Healing Apprenticeship
Gong Practitioner in Sound Healing
Reiki Master
Reiki Drum Healing Master Practitioner
Transformational Bodywork
Hawaiian Temple Lomi Lomi