Sound ceremonies with Louise are simply like no other. Truly Magical. Attending these sound baths, for me, has allowed for a new insight, new visions and also perspective on where I am at. Louise has a special way of creating a very safe and nurturing environment that really encourages you to reconnect with yourself and the world around you. I would highly recommend you treat yourself to this beautiful, gentle, powerful experience. Thank you so much for all your energy Louise!!
— Ruth Titmarsh - Jupiter Management
During the hour-long session in a whitewashed studio in east London, we lie under blankets while Louise plays the gongs. At one point I open my eyes to see what’s going on, and it’s like an intense game of sleeping lions – everyone is completely still and very zen. There’s a crescendo towards the end before Louise plays chimes to break the gong frequencies and we’re brought back to earth. It’s one of the best hours I’ve spent all week.
— Hannah Nathanson for Elle Magazine
I discovered Louise’s Sound Baths by chance at the end of last year and cannot recommend them enough! The beautiful sound journey is deeply relaxing and the Gong Baths at Hackney Forge are a little piece of bliss in the chaos of the week. I float out of there rebalanced, calm and at peace. I had no idea sound could be so healing :)
— Fiona Flood
Thanks so much for today. It was such a beautiful experience, I loved it. You are brilliant at what you do and you created a special space to relax in. I can’t wait for my next cacao experience.
— Maria Banobre, Life Coach
Gong Bath London, Sound Awakening
I attended your gong bath session last night at Hackney Forge and it was absolutely fantastic.
Your playing was magical. I left in a dream-like state and had the most wonderful restful sleep. Please tell me how I can book for next week!
— Ghizala Modood
I had no idea how much I needed sound in my life! I’m absolutely hooked on this. I felt like I was floating through space and time. I experienced colours and light. Afterwards I felt grounded and full of bliss.
Louise’s warmth and confident manner makes you feel right at home. Can’t wait for my next one!
— Sara Horner, Reiki Practitioner
What can I say? Sound is something we all need that we weren’t informed about for healing, growing, recharging and realigning. Louise takes you to a world of bliss through her many different instruments. A place to long to go back to. Excellent. An experience like no other
— Drew Horner, Actor & writer
I cannot think of a treatment that is more soothing and almost magical in its ability to relax than a Sound Bath. Louise creates the most amazing sounds with the bowls, chimes and other percussion instruments she uses in the Sound Bath and these all combine to create an atmosphere of peace and calm. I—along with others in the session—usually drift into a lovely semi-nap during the session as I am so relaxed by the Sound Bath. The Friday evening Sound Bath is a particular treat, as it’s a wonderful way to wind-down what may have been a stressful week and enter the weekend with a lovely feeling of tranquility. I very much recommend Louise’s Sound Baths—they’re wonderful!
— Elizabeth Bauza
I was taken on an evocative sonic journey by the Sound Bath. Remarkably physical vibrations and tones revealed powerful forgotten memories and placed me in a highly visual, waking dream-state. Louise’s musical gift created a totally immersive, beautiful soundscape which was more than ‘Sound Bath’ suggests. It was an inner-voyage, further than I imagined possible from lying on a comfortable blanket in Hackney. Thank you.
— Lee Mullen
Louise is a huge inspiration and a wonderful guide. Louise is living what she teaches and has insight that really helped me to focus, feel calm and journey. The sounds added surprise tangents that brought me back to nature. I left feeling empowered and calm and look forward to my next session.
— Laura Copsey, Artist
My experince with Sound Awakening was a timeless one as laid back completely relaxed and found my mind’s eye transported to far away happy places. A simply wonderful experience
— Joe Marshall, Travel Writer