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Sacred Cacao Sound Ceremony @ Downdog + Crow, Woodstock

  • Downdog + Crow The Old Tannery, Hensington Rd Woodstock OX20 1JH United Kingdom (map)
Cacao Sound Ceremony @ Downdog + Crow Oxfordshire

I’m so excited to be offering my first ever Cacao Sound Ceremony at the beautiful space of Downdog + Crow in Oxfordshire in Feb.
Cacao is a beautiful, gentle, heart healing medicine that can help bring clarity where we are feeling unclear, focus where we are feeling scattered and clearing where we are stagnated and stuck. This medicine helps us access realms that are often unavailable to us when we are too caught up in the head and enables connection with the subconscious realms where deep seated healing can take place. With Cacao we drop down from the head into the heart where we can navigate with feeling instead of thought. Cacao helps disperse any blockages around the heart and coupled with the vibrations from the Gong we experience healing at a cellular level to rebalance the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.

This intimate ceremony will give us the space and time to tune into the stillness within to connect to our deepest intuition, release any blockages that may be present, bring clarity to any areas that need our attention and help us enjoy a deep sense of peace and well-being.

We will begin by silently setting our intentions for the ceremony - being clear about your intention will help cacao to work her magic with you. We will mindfully drink the Cacao experiencing it’s warmth and presence in the body and you will then lie down to be bathed in relaxing, therapeutic vibrations from the gong as these medicines do their healing work. There is nothing for you to do as you take an inner voyage with the gong as your guide.

Comforting tea and healthy biscuits will be provided after the ceremony as we enjoy some time to share and write down any insights or wisdom that you've gained, whilst basking in the cacao glow : ))

Please contact Downdog + Crow for bookings HERE

Cacao Gong Ceremony @ Downdog + Crow Woodstock
Cacao Gong Ceremony @ Downdog + Crow Woodstock

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