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Restore & Rejuvenate New Moon Yoga & Sound Workshop For Women

Yoga & Sound Women's workshop

Paper Dress Yoga
352 Mare Street
Hackney, E81HR

Take some time out for yourself and join us for an afternoon of yoga and sound healing at the beautiful Paper Dress Yoga studio.

In this women's workshop we will be focusing on connecting to the sacral chakra and the water element in the days after the new moon, which is a powerful time for manifestation. Danielle will lead us through yoga sequences to stimulate the endocrine system and unlock our creativity and self-love whilst nurturing our bodies. As women, we often spend time nurturing others but neglect our own self care so this afternoon is about filling our own cups. Expect energising flowing sequences followed by restorative asanas and lots of hip opening! Our practice will be accompanied by sound vibrations from the gong. 

Louise will then lead us into a 40 minute gong meditation to seal in the practice and enable deeper relaxation and healing. There's nothing for you to do but lie down, drop anchor and receive allowing the gong's frequencies wash over you and into you, clearing any blockages and soothing any stress in the body and mind.

A gong bath is a powerful sonic meditation which enables deep relaxation to bring about peace and wellbeing for improved health. The vibrations from the gongs assist the release of emotional and energy blockages in the body and stimulate deep healing on a cellular level. The gong slows the brainwaves, inducing a dreamlike state and opens us up to take an inner journey where our sense of time dissipates and we are left to simply 'be' and vibrate with the gong. 

We will finish with a cup of heart warming rose tea and a chat to ground you before you head back out into the world! 

This workshop is suitable for all levels.


Danielle is passionate about bringing yoga to everyone, regardless of age and shape, she believes that yoga is a beautiful tool that is available to us all. She teaches a Hatha flow class that takes influences from many schools of yoga, with a strong focus on alignment and finding what feels good in our own unique bodies. Find out more: 

Louise is a Sound healer working to bring people into alignment with the rhythms of nature, to enable people to find ways to release stress and enjoy a more relaxed way of being. Find out more: